Defining of Product USP



Identification of Business Parameters



Formulation by R&D



Testing and Sampling


Regulatory Checks

Defining of Product USP

We identify your product’s unique selling proposition (USP). We can do this according to your brand story. For example, we can consider requirements like ensuring formulations are vegan or the inclusion of specific active ingredients.

If you’re starting from scratch, though, our team can also help you define your ideal USP, whether it’s fast whitening, anti-aging effects, or something else.

We can also provide ingredient recommendations for your goals. This goes into product planning as we work with you to optimise business market opportunity.

Identification of Business Parameters

We identify the parameters of formulation and production.

• Budget and price point
• Active ingredients (effectiveness, efficacy)
• Stability
• Texture
• Fragrance

These include your cap on costs and your time to market.

Formulation by R&D

With goals and parameters determined, our R&D team gets to work. Our team is composed of some of the most experienced chemists in Singapore, known for their cutting-edge innovations.

The team will identify the base ingredients of the product first then determine the hero ingredients needed to achieve your desired USP for the product.

We have an extensive inventory of active ingredients and can also source more from around the world.

Testing and Sampling

Our team will perform multiple tests on formulations.

Developing and delivering samples for client feedback.

From there, our clients may define adjustments according to preferences like texture, colour, fragrance, etc.

This is repeated until we come up with the perfect or benchmark sample.

This ensures the quality and suitability of the final product.

Regulatory Checks

Our team checks that the final versions of the formulation meet regulatory standards.

That also means checking product stability and shelf life.

With 20 years of experience in the field, we’re intimately familiar with regulatory standards for skincare and beauty products in different markets.


We are able to formulate
products that are:

Paraben free

Cruelty free

Drying alcohol free

Phthalates free


Sulfate free

Vegan friendly


Suitable for Halal



Meets International Standards


Goods Manufacturing Practice

Awarded Good Manufacturing Practice Certification by Health Science Authority, Singapore

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