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Welcome on board to Celcode Dermal Lab. We are a one-stop solution OEM company that offers private labelling and contract manufacturing services. Our expert R&D team innovates a vast range of custom and ready-made formulations to meet the different skin type.

We have creative design and branding solutions as well as extensive packaging selection that captures your brand’s vision and connects with the consumers while providing regulatory and documentation support.


Our Technologically Innovative Formulations:


Gluta-C is a combination of ascorbic
acid (vitamin C), glutathione, and
gold submicroparticles. The blend
solves the instability of conventional
alternatives and offers a series of
Vitamin C and antioxidant actives
that are highly stable in a light,
non-sticky formulation.


Royalactin is a protein found in
the royal jelly made by
honeybees. It stimulates
epigenetic skin rejuvenation and
growth at the cellular level. In this
way, it leads to smoother, more
even, younger-looking skin.


Hydra Survivor is an
ultra-hydrating, anti-aging active
ingredient derived from the desert
resurrection plant. Just as the
compounds from which it was
derived help the plant survive in
desert environments, it helps
human skin survive difficult
conditions by moisturising it.


α-Inhibit is a revolutionary
anti-comedogenic ingredient
extracted from the Maclura
cochinchinensis plant. It has
been clinically proven to
regulate and optimise skin
microbiota by selectively
inhibiting acne bacteria and
suppressing the skin’s key
inflammation enzymes.


The next level of skin whitening
technology, Melazap both erases
existing melanin and prevents the
production of more melanin. It has
natural origins, being derived from
a Korean plant called Arisaema
amurense, and is a natural solution
for skin whitening.

Nobel prize
winning discovery

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We are able to formulate
products that are:

Paraben free

Cruelty free

Phthalates free


Sulfate free

Vegan friendly


Suitable for Halal



Meets International Standards

Goods Manufacturing Practice


Product Types

  • Cleanser & Make Up Remover
  • Toner and Essence
  • Cream / Emulsion
  • Serum
  • Professional Ampoule
  • Exfoliation/Peel
  • Cream/Sheet/Peel-off Mask
  • Acne/Pigmentation Solutions
  • Salon Treatments
  • Slimming & Body Solutions


Whatever your opportunity, we can unlock it with our expert formulations. Get in touch with us today and let us help you craft a formulation that is uniquely you.