Product Planning


We go over the vision of your brand and the unique selling proposition (USP) of your skincare or haircare line and/or products.

We also clarify your goals and key marketing points like product efficacy and product claims.

Because we’re Singapore-based, consultations can be done in person, giving you a shorter discussion time for this stage compared to overseas OEM providers.

Our many years in the industry mean we have a highly efficient planning process.



We identify practical parameters such as the cost and production timeline.

That helps us set concrete goals for the OEM process that guide our planning.

Singapore is one of the top international logistics hubs with more than 20 Free Trade Agreements, which translates to lower import and export tariffs for you.

Proximity to our offices makes settling logistics easy.

We’re also familiar with local logistical concerns overseas manufacturers aren’t.



Our R&D team will do the research necessary for any new or custom formulation based on your requirements or preferences.

We have a world-class team of chemists and specialists in R&D, led by a renowned head researcher.

Our R&D experts can customise their work based on your needs and preferences.

Formulation and Testing


Formulations are tested for stability and other standards.

Through repeated refinement, we arrive at the best possible version of a product.

We source the highest-quality ingredients from all around the world, with suppliers from Brazil all the way to Russia.

Being locally based, we also observe all Singaporean regulations in our production. That assures clients of product quality.



We also do packaging in parallel.

We can use clients’ own package designs or craft designs for them.

We are known for packaging that considers both function and style.

Our packaging can add the final touch of quality and credibility to your products.



At the end, we deliver the finished products to you.

Being local, we can deliver your products much faster than overseas manufacturers can.


We are able to formulate
products that are:

Paraben free

Cruelty free

Drying alcohol free

Phthalates free


Sulfate free

Vegan friendly


Suitable for Halal



Meets International Standards


Goods Manufacturing Practice

Awarded Good Manufacturing Practice Certification by Health Science Authority, Singapore

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