How do private label cosmetics in Singapore work?

With the latest business developments, it is easier than ever to kickstart your own skincare brand in the comfort of your own home. eCommerce websites allow you to list products, process payments and handle shipping conveniently. Meanwhile, marketing is simplified and even boosted through social media. With private label cosmetics, the entire manufacturing process is handled by lab professionals. 

If you do not have the expertise to create your own skincare products, you might want to consider partnering up with a private label cosmetic company. Private label cosmetics are goods manufactured by one company and sold by another. It may sound like plagiarism but it is completely legal. An increasing number of brands are turning to private label cosmetics because it is a fast and effective way to jumpstart a business in dermatology or cosmetology. More time and resources can be allocated to building their brand instead of preoccupying themselves with the complicated process of formulating and testing. 

Pros Of Private Label Cosmetics

Easy to start

You do not necessarily need much professional knowledge in dermatology to launch a skincare line which is ideal for budding entrepreneurs who prioritise making a profit. Contrary to popular belief, starting a skincare line can be fairly simple once you find the right manufacturer for your brand. With private label cosmetics, you do not need to worry about the research and development process as it will all be handled by a team of professionals. As long as you entrust your brand to a reputable manufacturer, your products are in safe hands. All you need to do is select the different options offered by your manufacturer, leaving you with more time to build and promote your brand. 

Cost-effective And Time-efficient 

You can depend on your manufacturer for high-quality formulations, instead of spending time and money experimenting from scratch to get the desired formula for your skincare products. Since the formula has already been clinically tested, the products can be manufactured anytime after confirmation without having to wait for the lab results. 

Reduced Liability And Higher Standards 

In the event that a customer finds an issue with the product, the manufacturer will be held accountable. This is opposed to manufacturing skincare products in-house where the stakes are higher because you will be legally responsible if anything goes amiss. Additionally, collaborating with a manufacturer with years of experience in formulating skincare products also ensures the quality and safety of the products. 

Celcode As Your Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturer 

If you are on the search for a Singapore-based private label cosmetics company, consider Celcode. We are a dermatological lab that specialises in the production of high-quality customised skincare and hair care formulation.

Celcode has established a reputation for scientifically driven product formulation, high-quality ingredients and an efficient end-to-end OEM process. Our leading R&D team can assist in giving your brand a competitive edge, our innovative processes are constantly evolving to bring new and improved products. 

We’ll work with you in transforming your brand vision alive by taking you through our entire manufacturing process which covers market research, formulation and testing, product development and even packaging and delivery. 

By working with us, launching your skincare brand can easily be achievable. We supply a wide array of products ranging from cleansers, toners and exfoliators to name a few. We also have specialised ranges for different skin types and conditions. Our products are highly customizable, there are different bases and formulas to choose from. We aim to create products unique to each and every brand and develop formulas that align with your brand philosophy. For example, you can decide whether you want your product to be cruelty-free, halal or organic or in the texture of gel or cream. 

Due to the fact that we use high-end hero ingredients, there is also high quality and standard assurance in our products. Celcode was awarded Good Manufacturing Practice Certification by Health Science Authority, Singapore. Our products are not only safe to use but they also guarantee customer satisfaction. As a local manufacturer, working with us can also help you save costs and time in several ways. We have a much lower MOQ that is optimal for small-batch product launches. Furthermore, shipping time and manufacturing processes can be shortened, allowing your brand to innovate and churn out products at a faster rate.

Have a brand vision in mind for your skincare line but aren’t sure how to make it a reality? Get in touch with us today, we will be happy to guide you along every step of the way so that you can reach your goals of establishing a successful skincare line.

Article by Celcode Dermal Lab Pte Ltd published on September 2022. For further enquiries, drop us an email at

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